Direct Deposit Account Tips

Keep these tips in mind when adding your direct deposit accounts.

  • To add a new direct deposit account that will receive the full balance of wages (100%), you must first delete the current account. You cannot have two accounts to receive the full balance of wages.
  • If you intend to set up multiple accounts, at least one of the accounts must be set to available balance for the remaining percent amount. This allows for rounding. For Example, 80% as an allocation percentage on one account and 10% as an allocation percentage on a second account and the third account is entered as available balance, to pick up the remaining.
  • You can add multiple direct deposit accounts if the accounts will receive a flat amount or a percentage of the pay that is less than the full percentage.


Add or Change Direct Deposit Accounts

Add or change direct deposit accounts on the Direct Deposit Detail page.

Navigation: Menu > Myself > Pay > Direct Deposit Tip

If you are unable to add, change, or delete information on the page, it may be due to how your company has configured the system. Please contact you company's system administrator for more details.

  1. From the Direct Deposit Summary page, complete one of the following:
    • To add a direct deposit account, select Add.
    • To change direct deposit account information, select an account from the list.
  1. From the Direct Deposit Detail page, enter a description, if available.
  2. Enter a bank name.
  3. Enter a routing number and an account number. Confirm with your financial institution the correct ABA routing number specific to your Direct Deposit.
  4. Select a bank account type.
  5. Select a status of Active or Inactive for the account.
  6. In the Amount section, complete one of the following:
    • To specify a specific dollar amount, select the Flat Amount radio button and enter the dollar amount without a dollar sign.
    • To specify a specific percentage, select the Percent Amount radio button and enter the percentage without a percent sign.
    • To specify the available balance, select the Available Balance radio button.


UltiPro rounds direct deposit allocation percentages to the nearest hundredth. For example, you can enter 99.99% as an allocation percentage for an account. If you enter 99.999%, it is rounded up to 100%.

  1. Select Save.
  2. Select Ignore Warnings.
  3. Select Submit.

The Direct Deposit Summary page appears with the new account.