Sharing a Team Member between locations available in the ‘Add Location’ drop down is, allowed. If an expected location is not available, contact Restaurant Technology Support or the CrunchTime Administrator. Team Member may need to be ‘Hired’ into location.

Sharing a Team Member to another location requires two edits be made to the Team Members record by the Home Store General Manager

  1. GM user logs into Net-Chef, go to Labor>Employee Maintenance
  2. Locate the employee to be shared to another location, Click on Edit
  3. Step 1: Select the ‘Locations’ tab. Use the ‘Add Location’ drop down to locate the store the employee is to be shared to
  4. The record will automatically update and the location will be displayed under the Location header. Click on ‘Update’ (Do Not Save and Close)
  5. Step 2: Select the ‘Positions’ tab to check the ‘Alt Locations’ box to the right of the rate field for all Job Positions to be shared to the alternate location.
  6. Save and Close’. Employee record will appear instantly at the borrowing location and will automatically update to Micros in approximately 30 minutes. Employee will use their same Payroll ID to login to Micros at both locations. Payroll activity will transmit and be expensed to the respective locations with overtime impact if incurred expensed to the borrowing location. Only the Home Store has access to make changes to the employee record. 

    Alternate Location Employee Information View is shown below. Employee # *10000001 indicates the employee is borrowed.
  7. Home Store can reverse the shared employee setup by clicking on the ‘Delete’ option under the Locations tab to the far right of the ‘Alternate Location’ that was previously added. Employee will be removed from the alternate location.

Net‐Chef Team Member Share to Alternate Location – Revised 02/18 ‐ Franchise