If requesting a W-2 reprint for the 2018 tax year or older, please submit a ticket request including the following information: 

- Full legal name, maiden name if married during requested tax year

- Current home address, including city, state and zip code

- Phone number

- Last 4-digits of SSN

- Facility of employment

- Requested tax year

If you are requesting a 2019 W-2 form you will need to sign onto your Ulti-Pro account to access it. (If you forgot your password, please view "How to Reset your Ulti-Pro Password".)

From a web browser, select "Menu" from the top left corner, "Myself", and "W-2". Select "2019".

From the mobile app, select "Pay", scroll down to "Taxes" and select "View All". Select the top box "W-2 2019".